Hiveless Mind

And the stars on the battlefield shiver in tears, a dead-bright lesson from a thousand light-years…

…because ripping off song lyrics for a blog post title is the thing these days. I mean, all the cool kids are doing it!

So, it seems that Mike has kicked the bucket. Ahh well, it was coming, I suppose. I mean, Nick seems to have quit blogging, and neither Mike nor myself had posted in quite a while. Still, it pains me to see that I’m the last one of us who’s “still alive”, so to speak, or maybe it doesn’t. This sentence no verb. I suppose the reader would wonder if I could be expected to quit any time soon, but the fortunately, or perhaps unfortunately as the case may be, I’ll keep on blogging ’til the end of time, or at least when I get bored of it. As one can gather, that time has not yet come. Mike has also mentioned something about a “joint political blog”, something I seem to be invited to contribute to. Of course, I’d love to. Further bulletins as events warrant.

To bring this disorganized and rather shoddy post to a close, I’d just like to let my fans, or lack thereof, know that I’m still alive and will hopefully not stop blogging here for quite a while.

Also: fear it.