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His path was marked by the stars of the Southern Hemisphere…

So…yeah. I realize I haven’t posted for quite a while, I’m still alive, just had a lot going on, what with the end of the semester and such. I’m satisfied, how about you?

Other then trying to patch up my end-of-the-semester grades, something which took more work then I had hoped, I’ve just been hanging around, playing various video games, and listening to more Paul Simon then is probably healthy, something you’d already know if you read the post title, or checked out  my profile, where my various musical obsessions can be tracked and tabulated for your examination. Speaking of music, those of you who know me well will know my tastes can be labeled as “very eclectic”, which in English means “I will listen to anything”, from Green Day to the aforementioned Mr. Simon, from Linkin Park to Steve Savitzky, so be prepared to be surprised.

Enough talk of music, I’m sure nobody actually cares what games I play, but I’ll use this section of the post to plug Vega Strike, the open-source space trading and combat simulator, which is awesome. It may not be graphically advanced, but it’s pretty good for an open source game, and ’tis free. What can beat free video games?

Yeah, I guess that’s all for now, and I’ll bring this post to a close with the assurance (or perhaps it’s a warning?) of more rants to come in the near future. Oh, and expect the site to update soon, with a links section and stuff.


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  1. * Jordan says:

    I saw this post when Googling Paul Simon lyrics, and I identify completely with the portion about listening to more than is probably healthy. Though if there ever were an artist to go overboard on, it would be Paul, don’t you think?

    Graceland was/is/will remain incredible.

    | Reply Posted 8 years, 3 months ago

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